John Henry Dale is a musician based in Miami Beach. He has studied percussion, drum set, guitar and electronic music production with musical masters in Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, the UK and the US. He holds a Master’s degree in Digital Composition and Performance from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and composes, performs, and produces music across genres ranging from electronica, jazz, funk, global bass and ambient, to avant garde and serialist experimental music. John Henry frequently collaborates with other artists and integrates creative technologies both ancient and cutting edge into his music to create multi-sensory performance experiences. He has composed works for film scores and recent projects include an algorithmic music composition project using Ableton Live and PGN chess notation. A former ArtCenter South Florida resident artist (2015-2017) specializing in spatial and immersive media, John Henry is also an active DJ and works as the Music Editor for the Miami Rail. John Henry strives to forge new musical connections between genres in order to create an original sound that evokes the movement and progression of music and technology throughout the history of the world order to simultaneously evoke feelings of both deep familiarity and genuine mystery in the listener.